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Little Earth Farm is a small scale produce farm that grows delicious, high quality vegetables, fruit, micro herbs, cut flowers and edible flowers for customers in the wider NYC and Orange County area. It was created by young farmers Ramon & Hailey Corbett and will be launched in the spring of 2021. Ramon grew up in rural New Zealand while Hailey grew up in Albany, NY. They met in Melbourne Australia while Hailey was studying abroad. They have lived in NYC since 2017.

The idea for Little Earth Farm started during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, restaurants across NYC were being forced to close due to the virus, including the fine dining restaurant where Ramon was working as a chef. Newfound free time and a strong love for great food and produce, from years of working in high end restaurants, drove Ramon to learn more about how food is grown, regenerative farming practices and the impact of agriculture on the environment. Looking for a more naturally fulfilling, less stressful lifestyle Hailey & Ramon moved from NYC to Pine Bush, New York and bought a small home with 2.5 acres of land to create a small farm that would provide for their future family, their community and the environment.



Our Farming Principles

At the centre of our farming philosophy is the idea that soil is the building block on which all life on this little earth exists, it must be protected and respected, and as stewards of the land we must leave it in better shape than we found it.

Therefore our primary focus is building and supporting soil health and biological diversity through sustainable farming practices. These practices include permanent beds, cover cropping, crop rotation, composting and mulching. By utilizing these practices and by preforming all work with the use of manual tools and not tractors, we hope to improve and maintain a soil rich in natural minerals, organic matter, micro organisms and fungi. Healthy soil fosters robust, pest and disease resistant plants, which in turn absorb excess carbon in our atmosphere, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat and food for insects, and of course produce healthy nutrient dense fruits and vegetables for you and I to eat. Though we are not yet certified organic we follow the same principles and never, ever use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our farm. 




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